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  • I was so satisfied with this DVD Ripper software reviews and it works great.
  • I have had good results with DVDs and I am able to play MPEG-4 5.1 audio in Windows July 14, 2010 Media Center with no problems.
  • You have very good products and exceptional user support. I've recommended them to numerous friends.
  • Thank you so much for creating such powerful and effective software.
  • I am very pleased with your DVD Ripper software, Too easy. Great product, well done!!

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How to rip DVD Clip to AVI/MPEG for editing in Adobe Premiere?

iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum: Allow you convert DVD Movie to iPad, iPod Video, iPhone, Microsoft Zune, Pocket PC, 3GP Mobile Phone or any other MP4 player, such as iRiver, Archos, Creative Zen Vision and more. Even you can use the video editor profile to output avi file for your video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas.

Step 1. Press the "VOB" button to choose.

VOB to Adobe Premier compatible AVI

It will auto scan VOBs to set up a temporarily IFO file for you.

Scan VOBs

Step 2. Input settings:: After you successfully load the VOB, the VOB title info is displayed in the center window. Sometimes some chapters/episodes hide in another index, you can change an index in "Index" dropdown box to load these chapters/episodes. You can select the audio track for the target files in the "Audio" combo-box in the Input area. Also, you can select the "Subtitle" language or" without Subtitle" as well.


Step 3. Output settings : Select the target video profile in the "output format" dropdown list in the format area. Please choose "AVI for Editor", iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum allows you to specify the video quality by clicking the "Settings" button.

In general, you'd better keep the default value, that's enough to reserve wonderful video quality.

And you can select output folder through folder “browse” button.And you may specify the output path (default is C:\iSofterOutput\ ), that is where your converted files in. Click " Browse " to reset it as you wish. Click " Folder " Label you can open output fold directly. Default “Zoom”option is “Letterbox”, medium and pan scan convert 16:9 to 4:3 .Full doesn't correct the aspect ratio. If you have a 4:3 VOB Use Full. Default is : Letter Box (4/3) .Custom: Allow free crop and resize the output video. If you choose two chapters and you want to this chapters are linked by a chapter.You must select “All in one file”in the “Split”box. In general, VOBs are ripped by chapters. If you prefer to split VOB by certain file size, please select "Custom Size" in the "Split" box. You may enter the specifying number by clicking "Settings" button. The default is "5 MB".
Choose Format "AVI for Editor"
AVI for Editor - Detail Settings
Step 4. Add custom watermark:If you are a register user ,you can use “ Add custom watermark ”function. You can add your company's logo or your website address to output video files. Select “settings”from meum,then click the “Add custom watermark”button,you can choose your own logo.Default choose is “None”,when you select ”Text “ option you can input your slogan or website address and you can change font and color. Also you can drag and drop the words to anywhere of the black screen (etc:top left corner or top right corner). When you select“Bitmap”option, you can select your picture and drag picture on the screen .Now you output file will include your Company's logo or website address.

Step 5. Start Encode: With all settings being properly done, click "Start" button, choose "Encode" to start ripping selected charpters. If you want to encode from a specific starting point, firstly, you must drag or played movie to this specific point, then choose " Encode From Current Position " in the "START" menu.
If you want to encode a segment, please choose " Encode Segment " in the "START" menu, then enter the beginning time and the duration of the clip. For example, you want a clip from 1:17:43 to 1:55:17, you should enter From 1:17:43 to 1:55:17 , after that, click the " OK" button.


Step 6. Import the output Video file to Adobe Premiere: After the file is successfully ripped, you may click the " Folder " button to browse the output files. Convert VOB to Video is done. After the converting complete,there will generate *.avi files, just import them into your Adobe Premiere

If you use Adobe Premiere 6.0/6.5, o start editing, drop one of the items from the project window into the "source" window of the "monitor window":
Adobe Premiere 6
To drop an item into the window, select it and drag it over (the mouse cursor will turn into a fist). Now we can trim the video. Play it by pressing the play button. As the video plays, a moving bar shows its progress. You can slide this bar backwards and forwards to reach a desired portion, and move the video frame by frame by using the two buttons to the left of the stop button. Once you have decided upon you want the video to start (the inpoint) click on the "Mark In" button. This is the fourth button from the right on the bottom row of buttons. Then slide the progress bar to where you want the clip to finish and mark this with the "Mark Out" button (to the right of the Mark In button). Once done, your selected area will be highlighted in green. We can the move this section to the timeline window by clicking into the Monitor window and holding the mouse button down as you drag is accross to the window to the right (the "program" window). Notice that as you do this, a box appears in the "Timeline" window with the original file name as a label. We can now preview our edited clip by pressing play in the Program window.

We could also have dropped our video straight into the timeline. We can do this now by using a black video as an example. You may wan to start your video with a blank portion at the start (if you are recording to VHS for example). In this case select File > New > Black Video from the menu. A file named "black video" will appear in our Project window. We want our video to start with this file, so select the clip and drag it down into the Timeline window. If you place the video over the start of the first box that we previously dropped here, a black arrow will appear. Drop the item, and the video will be shift over. You can insert a file like this anywhere on the timeline.

If you move your cursor down to the time line window then click in the section that looks like a ruler, a progress bar will appear. Sliding this bar along previews the movie in the Program window. This also acts as a marker for where you want to drop your video. So lets position this bar at the end of our first clip. Select the your second clip from the Project window and drop it into the monitor window as before. Trim the clip and drop the trimmed video into either the program window ir directly into the timeline.

Adobe Premiere 6 - Time Line
If you are Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 user, drag and drop a ripped file from your project window to the left hand montor window:

iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum also supports:

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